Pizza Professionals

Certifications & Classes
North American Pizza and Culinary Academy (NAPCA) offers the classic teachings and traditions of Italian Culinary instruction in a contemporary 4500 square foot educational facility.

NAPCA​ is the 2nd official Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli school in the USA located just outside Chicago in Lisle, IL.

Currently there are only 20 schools worldwide. The scuola certifies pizza chefs from all over the world with about 100 masters in the world.

We've got you covered when it comes to classes.

Pizzaiolo Certification

Our​ 5-day​ certification includes theory and practical application. Students will learn the history of classic Italian pizza, the chemistry of Italian doughs, preparation of traditional ingredients for toppings, training on traditional Italian and American pizza, as well as the equipment and proper dough stretching, topping, and baking techniques.

Non-Certification Classes

The ​1-day​ class is for the amateur baker ready to take the next step in pizza. This course will provide the confidence to make great pies and leave you with abetter understanding of classic Italian pizza.

The ​3-day​ pizza immersion class is designed for the more advanced pizza maker. This class covers dough chemistry and the functionality of ingredients, giving you a better understanding of the technical differences between various Italian styles of pizza.