1-Day Course Details

The 1 day immersion course is a deep dive into most styles of American and Italian pizza. This class is split up into a theory portion along with hands on experience with hand stretching, topping, and baking. Students will learn the specific dough process with the traditional mixer, pizza creation method, and baking techniques on the appropriate oven for that style.
Pizza styles covered in the 1-Day Immersion course include (but not limited to):

●  Chicago – Tavern & Deep Dish
●  New York
●  Gluten Free
●  Roman – all styles
●  Detroit
●  Neapolitan
●  Pizza Classica
Class starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. Your day will begin in our classroom, then move to the dough room and finish in our oven room.

3-Day Course Details

The 3-day pizza immersion class is designed for the more advanced pizza maker. This class covers dough chemistry and the functionality of ingredients, giving you a better understanding of the technical differences between various Italian styles of pizza. After taking this course, you will have the confidence to make great pies and a deeper appreciation for the craft. This class is similar in structure to the 5-day course but there is no exam to end the 3 day.

●  History of Pizza Napolitano
●  Chemistry of Neapolitan Dough
●  Preparation of traditional Ingredients and toppings
●  Focused training on baking in a VPN approved oven
Class starts at 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day.

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5 Day Scuola Pizzaiolo Certificaiton


5 Day Scuola Pizzaiolo Certificaiton


The Experience


Day 1

Theory:​ History of Pizza Napolitano and intro to VPN association rules.

Practical:​ Starting a wood fired oven, getting to and maintaining a constant temperature, dough mixing by hand, dough mixing using a fork mixer, and learning to prepare fresh mozzarella, fresh ricotta and burrata.

Day 2

Theory:​ History of Pizza Napolitano and ingredients including but not limited to “00” flour, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, and San Marzano tomatoes. In depth aspects of pizza equipment and specific tools.

Practical:​ Leavening dough, cutting, shaping and forming dough balls, stretching dough, organizing a prep station, topping and baking pizzas in a wood fire oven. Making classic Neapolitan Pizzas including but not limited to Margherita and Marinara Pizzas, manage more than one pizza at the same time, prepare and bake Pizza Fritta, Calzone and Pizza Montanara Fritto.

Day 3

Theory:​ Dough maturation, water properties and salt.

Practical:​ Preparation of the dough and the preparation of the two classical Neapolitan pizzas: Margherita and Marinara. A verbal interview will conclude the final exam.


●  You will receive a t-shirt for class. Please write your size in the notes section when registering.
●  Long pants and rubber bottom, non-slip shoes
●  Long hair needs to be tied back

Local Hotels

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