Master Instructor Certified

The Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli is the oldest and most prestigious pizza school located in Italy. Scuola Italiana Pizzaiolo was founded in 1988 with a passion for pizza and the desire to teach the craft. The coursework uses a combination of theory and practical hands-on application. The scuola certifies pizza chefs from all over the world with about 100 masters in the world currently.  

The North American Pizza and Culinary Academy is the 2nd official pizza school in the USA. Currently there are only 20 pizza schools worldwide. 

Pizzaiolo Certification

The​ 5-day​ certification includes theory and practical. Students will learn the history of classic Italian pizza, the chemistry of Italian doughs, preparation of traditional ingredients for toppings, training on traditional Italian and American pizza, as well as the equipment and proper dough stretching, topping, and baking techniques.